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Use this box to write your desires, for example: “Naked blonde wearing a white swimsuit”. Also, you can make some keywords more important by giving them weights from 1.1 to 1.9, for example: “Naked blonde wearing a (white swimsuit:1.6)” By doing that the AI will treat this keyword as more important and won’t miss it in the image.



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Create Realistic AI Girl

Create Realistic AI Girl

IceGirls AI Girl generator has the power to generate ultra realistic images of any person you dream of. Try our prompt field which allows you to describe the outcome you desire. Whether it is a hot girl on a bed or swimming in a pool you can get it all. IceGirlsAI powerful AI model will deliver very realistic images that would look like directly from an Instagram page.

Try Styles, Actions & Characters

Try Styles, Actions & Characters

Try our huge selection of poses, styles, and characters to create hot AI models. IceGirlsAi includes realistic, cartoon, and even hentai styles. From our “Actions” tab you can select whatever pose you want your image to be generated in, and try any style you want. By using a characters feature you can generate images of very well-known characters and make them pose dressed (or undressed) how you want.

IceGirlsAi HUB

IceGirlsAi HUB

Explore our huge HUB page that contains images made on IceGirlsAi and get inspiration for your creation. The library contains thousands of images that have been generated by other users using our AI Girls generator. Enjoy these images and get inspiration on what else you want to make yourself. Copy the settings and get a similar outcome with your changes within seconds.

Explore and get inspiration from our HUB

Join IceGirlsAi community!

Generate images for free

IceGirlsAi allows you to easily create high-quality realistic, animated or semi-realistic AI images. Our platform has no limits so everyone can generate women or men whatever they want to get them dressed as a famous character or whatever is in your imagination. Literally, for free you can make 10 images per 24hrs of anything you want. However, our premium members get unlimited generations and a lot of cool features that make the whole image generation process easier and more advanced.

Generate images for free

Try the Saved Faces feature and make image of your crush

Our new Saved Faces feature allows you to upload a custom image of a face and generate AI girl with the face you uploaded. That is the best method to generate images of your crush or any other person you would like to see in a different body, dressed in any clothes.

Try the Saved Faces feature and make image of your crush



per month

  • 10 generations (credits) per day
  • Slower generation time
  • Watermarked images
  • 3 Style
  • 2 Action
  • 1 Character
  • No advanced settings
  • Fixed image quality



per month

  • Unlimited credits
  • Faster generation time / Priority Queue
  • Face Swap feature
  • Custom text prompt
  • No watermarks
  • All actions
  • All styles
  • All characters
  • All settings
  • Image aspect ratio
  • 4K Upscaling
  • Get new FEATURES first
  • Commercial rights

You need to keep the membership active in order to use our premium features

What is AI porn, and how does it work?

AI porn is sexy images generated by artificial intelligence. Those images can be just simple nudes or actions like from the real porn.

Is it free?

IceGirlsAi has a free plan that allows you to generate images but with some limitations. Premium members have no limitations and faster generation time. However, by logging in you can unlock a few exclusive features.

How much does the Premium membership cost?

The price is only $15/month

Why should I buy the Premium membership?

Being a paid member you will be able to generate AI porn with these features:

Faster generation speed;
4k UpScale;
Early access to all new features;
More styles;
More poses;
Custom Prompt;
Undresser (Soon);
Advanced settings that include:
Image aspect ratio;
Image details;
Image quality;

How can I cancel the membership?

To cancel the membership go to the “Account” page and press “Cancel Subscription” when complete the following windows.

Can I post generated images to social media

Yes, you can, just make sure those images do not violate social media terms.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes, you can join our affiliate program on

How to become our Premium member?

1. Visit our website’s “Premium” page:
2. Press “Upgrade”;
3. Pay by the card or PayPal;
4. Come back to

Where can I get support?

You can contact us via email:
Or join our Discord and ask us there, we respond fast:

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